Gait Analysis Details

Gait Analysis Details

What is it?

Gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical variants in the gait cycle - it’s a way of assessing the way in that the individual runs. 

Using video technology, our staff are able to analyse the way in which your foot strikes the floor, and determine whether your foot rolls inwards (pronates), doesn't roll inwards enough (supinates) or stays neutral. This information, combined with  the kind of distances you regularly run, allows us to correctly identify an appropriate shoe for you from our extensive range. 

What do we do?

Our in-store gait analysis station is made up of a treadmill, camera, and a laptop equipped with gait analysis software.

 The first stage of the process is to capture a short video – around 5 seconds – of you running on the treadmill in a neutral shoe with little or no cushioning. This will help to highlight abnormalities in your gait.

Based on an assessment of the footage, we’ll then select a second pair of shoes suited to your foot type and the way in which you run. This will either be a supportive shoe to correct pronation, or a neutral shoe for runners with a neutral or supinated foot motion.


The whole process takes about 15 minutes and will require you to run at a steady pace for around 30s. You don’t need to book in advance, but please note that during peak times – lunchtime between 12pm and 2pm and Weekends – there may be a short wait due to staff being busy.